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Sebastian Bleisch
Norbert "Sebastian" Bleisch was born in June 10, 1957 in Schwerin in former East Germany. He was the second child of the Bleisch family - the first son was seven years older. Bleisch's father was employed as an administration clerk, while his mother didn't work. He was given a Catholic upbringing by his mother and went to religion classes twice a week for ten years. He also went to church every Sunday.
During his childhood, Bleisch spent lots of time alone in his room in his parents' house, where he read old books and painted while listening to classical records so loud that the entire neighbourhood could hear them. He frequently visited old abandoned houses, which were to be demolished, collecting what the former tenants had left behind. He then furnished his room like a small museum. At the age of 13, Bleisch knew the meaning of the word baroque. He enjoyed making models of churches, first in the sand, then in concrete. Everything that was old fascinated him, and as an adult, he still longed for the past: Also in his porn videos, the interior of palaces played an important part. 

Bleisch was early developed for his age, but didn't know anything about the birds and the bees until he was in his early teens. He never saw his parents naked. The thought of catching them without any clothes on really frightened him. He was very shy, and when his friends skinny-dipped, he always left immediately. He found the thought of swimming naked very interesting, however, and enjoyed secretly watching from a distance while his pals were in the water. 

At 19, Bleisch was into competitive cycling and had a heavy crush on a boy. The lad was 14 and also a cyclist, and Bleisch looked for a way to show his strong love. The boy wanted a moped and Bleisch was prepared to buy him one, but didn't make enough money at his work at the theatre. While on a bike trip together, they discovered a village church. They went inside and spotted a Moses figure, which they stole two days later. Their intention was to sell it at the black market in Poland and then buy a moped for the money. A witness had seen them escaping from the church with the figure, though, and two days later, the police came knocking on Bleisch's door. The love token turned into a fiasco. 

Bleisch tried out several occupations - stucco worker, musician, theatre co-worker, male nurse and life-saver - before deciding that he wanted to become an author. In 1988, his first novel was published. It was partly autobiographical, titled Kontrolverlust (Loss of Control) and made him a rather well known author in former East Germany. Two years later, his second book, Lord Müll (Lord Waste), came out. In April 21, 1991, Bleisch received the prestigious Alfred Döblin Achievement Award from the Berlin Literature Board & Art Academy for his third book Viertes Deutschland (A Fourth Germany). Bleisch now definitely belonged to the cultural scene in his hometown of Schwerin. 

At a local film and art festival, Bleisch was asked by the Minister of Culture if he would like to be in charge of a video club at the Frieden School in Schwerin. Bleisch accepted the offer. Since the media video was something new and exciting during the early '90's in the poor, eastern part of the recently reunificated Germany, his video club became hugely popular among the students. In the beginning, they made arty films and documentaries. Some students also brought porn flicks from home. Their parents had pornos, but no VCR, so they went to Bleisch to watch the tapes. This inspired three of the club members, who asked three of their mates to join them, to start making spontaneous videos, without any plot, about eroticism and naked bodies. They filmed themselves or were filmed by Bleisch, which was OK by them. No payment was involved then, but  after some time, Bleisch and the students realized that they could make some money from their videos if they wrote story lines for them. 

Bleisch compiled a tape containing the erotic home video material he had made with the students and sent it to GERO in Düsseldorf (the largest gay video distributor in Europe). They were very enthusiastic and really liked what they saw, and the head of the company himself, Georg G., flew in his private plane to meet Bleisch. GERO offered Bleisch 7000 DM per 60 min. video and 12,000 DM per 120 min. one (plus 1000 DM extra for box cover photos). Each film had to feature five new performers aged 16 or above. Bleisch's original intention was to create erotic art films featuring guys in their early 20's, but understood that he had to follow certain rules and make commercial hard-core boy pornos if he wanted his products to be released on the market. He agreed to produce a new video for GERO once a month from now on. 

In 1991, Bleisch's first commercial porn video, Die Knabenburg (The Boy Castle), was released. From the early '90's until 1996, he made about 60 videos featuring approx. 160 models (about 18 of them were females). Bleisch paid his performers 100 DM for wanking, 150 for blowing and 200 DM for shagging in front of the camera. Most of the films were shot in Schwerin and in its surroundings - like for example in Bleisch's house in Wasserstraße 3 in Görries, in old Russian barracks in Ludwigslust, in the Wiligrad Chateau in Lübsdorf, in the harbour in Wismar, in the Lankow Mountains, at an abandoned airport in Techentin and on the Schwerin Lake. A few videos were also filmed in Berlin and Hamburg. Bleisch was not only responsible for the direction, he also handled the lightning, the make up, the costumes, the script writing, the editing and the casting. He also made a cameo in a non-erotic scene in Leiche gesucht (Missing Corpse), where he played a hiker discovering a boy "corpse" on a frozen lake and calls the police from his cell phone. 

In 1996, Bleisch's film making career came to an abrupt end. Parents in Schwerin had become suspicious about their sons' activities with the director and the police started an investigation. In September 16, Bleisch was arrested when filming five boys being intimate in a hangar in Ludwigslust. While in custody, Bleisch was visited by several of his loyal models. Two of them even went to his house to fetch some clean socks and underwear for him. In May 20, 1997, Bleisch was eventually sentenced to 2 and half years in prison for s*xual solicitation of minors. He evaded conviction on more serious charges, however, after the defence showed that the boys had approached Bleisch willingly and no psychological harm had occurred. 

While in jail, Bleisch wrote a novel titled Porno, about a kinky millionaire who enjoys risking the lives of young rent boys while sleeping with them. For example, he has to almost strangle them in order to cum. The inspiration for this character is, according to press reports, former GERO boss George G. It's doubtful whether the book ever will be released since no publisher has shown any interest in printing it. 

Bleisch is now out of prison. He has talked about perhaps opening a boy strip club in Reeperbahn, the (in)famous red light district in Hamburg. His former models have not been too keen on the idea of working as male strippers for him, though. So let's see what the future will hold for Bleisch and his career...